Friday, 23 December 2011

Jail Bharo Andolan - 30 December 2011 to 1-Jan 2012

Anna's "Jail Bharo" campaign to fight for passage of the Jan Lokpal Bill!
To express your willingness to go to jail for the Jan Lokpal bill.

जन लोकपाल विधेयक के लिए अन्नाजी ने "जेल भरो" आंदोलन का ऐलान किया है|इस अभियान में हम आपको आमंत्रित करते हैं|

Jail Bharo Andolan - Register your Name 

जेल भरो अनादोलन  के लिए रजिस्टर करे

Team Anna has begun registration for Anna Hazare's jail bharo andolan to protest against government's lokpal bill, tweeted Kiran Bedi.


At 27 December 2011 at 22:04 , Blogger vijay said...

we are with Anna and, i am ready to go jail for our country.


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